Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We've moved!

We've moved! Update links to

Monday, October 09, 2006

in need of motivation

Monday again. It always comes too soon. Monday through Wednesday are bad for me, lots of classes to teach and class prep to do.

I need some motivation in the exercise department. I wish I could be one of those people that wants to exercise just to be healthy, but alas I am not. I need something to train for, some end goal in mind to get my ass moving. In the past half- marathon training or sister's challenges have worked fairly well. What can I do now?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

restful weekend

I am feeling pretty good this weekend. We did a little work around the house and a lot of resting. We took Iz to a fair in the little downtown area near our house. We live in a bedroom community of a much bigger town so our little downtown area isn't much. But they had an area with those bouncy slides and things. Iz is just a little too young to handle them on her own so I took her down the bouncy slide 4 times. Let me tell you, the girl was hooked. She kept saying "one more, one more" and when we ran out of tickets and had to leave she had a fit and kept saying "one more" threw her tears on the way home. So sad.

I did better with eating last week but still not great. I took lunch in several days and am planning on lunching in most of this week too. Still not in points and exercise isn't there at all, but I getting back into the groove and avoiding the crazy eating out. We made our menu and it is all mainly convenience foods (tofu, veggie hotdogs, canned veggies or beans) but it will help us get through the week.

Weighed in at 183.5 again this weekend, same as last weekend.

I think I will hit those hedges.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Tonight was a night to sit around and watch tv. I played bridge last night and wednesday is my tv day so my shows were taped so I could watch tonight. I missed lost and project runway. Now I have seen them both. I can't wait for PR to be over so I have one show I have to catch up on.

Work is getting me down. I am working on a problem and I feel like there is no solution. I keep twisting knobs and pushing buttons (figuratively, I am working on a code) but nothing is getting me closer to the right answer. I really need to take a break from the problem for a few days, give it some time to sink in, but my students are all waiting for me to wrap up the testing phase so they can start using the code. Maybe I will get it to work properly tomorrow.

Eating has been ok. Not much formal exercise but lots of yard work.

TTCing gets me down when I think about it so I am trying not to. I was hoping for a "oops, we got pregnant so quickly the second time around, guess the cliche is true" baby. We aren't having it. 6 months in and no inkling that it is going to happen for us anytime soon. I think we are going to start getting more serious about it.

Catching Up

Last night I went to bed around midnight and then jerked awake when I realized I didn't have lunch made for school tomorrow. So I ended up making pasta, threw in a jar of spaghetti sauce, a packet of veggie burger crumbles, and the last bits of broccoli. Also made Julia some Celestial Seasonings Tangerine Zinger tea for her thermos and I put water in mine. A simple salad for me and tomatoes for her.

Julia is cutting a molar so we've been staying away from harder veggies til her mouth is less sensitive.

Things with me are busy -- I just got home from school (3 PM) and I have oodles of things to do apart from The Afternoon Nap Argument. Tomorrow I teach cooking, my friend Carla and I want to do some homeschooling units with the kids, and then there's the Christmas pageant auditions on Sunday along with an RE meeting.

Christy asked me when I first got to playschool if I was having my period and I told her I just finished it yesterday and she said she'd thought she was syncing up with someone because she's been feeling like hers is coming early. I told her so far it's Carla, then Liz, then me, and now her so that rounds out the month then.

I'm down a lb, and at 40 day cycles, so slow as it is... things are looking good for TTC next year... IF we decide to go there.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

weigh in

I weighed in at 183,5 this morning.

Today has been a busy one already. We went planning on trimming the hedges, but our hedge trimmer wasn't charges to instead we went out to dig out the stumps of the hedges we cut down. We could find the shovel or ax so after a trip to wal-mart, we started the digging. The first one took forever to get out and I started to wonder if we made the right decision to do it ourselves instead of hiring someone. The next two were much easier. We ended up getting 6 out, only 12 more to go.

After lunch I thought I would trim a few of the hedges anyway. I used up all the accumulated charge and put the thing back on the charger. Hedges are the biggest PITA.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

exercise, pee and a new cousin

We did it! Mike and I walked 2 miles last night. After dinner, mom distracted Iz long enough for us to do an "out and back" (as opposed to walking all the way around the loop which is almost 3 miles). It was great weather and we had a nice conversation, but it was almost dark when we got home at 7:10. Crazy!

I have journaled everything the last two days. It isn't pretty, but it is all there. Tonight I play bridge so we will do a quick dinner beforehand.

Iz pee-d in the potty yesterday for the first time in her whole life! Much rejoicing was had.

We have a new cousin on the way! My brother and his spouse are expecting within days of Iz's third birthday. We can't wait.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aye, aye!

I'm on it, Amy!

Today I had another meeting at church but I got up early and cleaned the house and scrubbed down the pantry cabinets. I made lunch and dinner ahead so when I finally got home from the meeting I had something easy to eat that was ALSO ok for points/staying on track.

Tomorrow -- food and a workout. Off to bed early to make it so.

ugh too

I just weighed in at 183, up about 5 lbs from my lowest weigh in of 178.5 a few weeks ago.

This past month has been a blur of craziness. School starting, no lunch planning, too much eating out, desperately low energy at dinner time causing a flurry of eating, icecream with sisters, family reunion food, traveling fast food, just got home with nothing in the fridge so lets go out food. A bad month.

My goal this week is just to start journaling my food again, even if I go way over points. And to walk at least once. The temperature is fantastic and Mom is here now which makes walking quite a bit easier.

Come on Cat! We can do this! Only 15 weeks till xmas. Only 10 weeks until the holidays start. I would like to have a solid 10 weeks, then try to maintain over the holidays.